CNET Shopping shows higher prices than the page I'm viewing

If you're wondering why CNET Shopping shows prices that are higher than the price shown on the page you were viewing, that's because you've already found the lowest price on that item. Congratulations!

CNET Shopping checks prices from over 11,000 retailers whenever you're shopping. If lower price is available, it will show you those prices. However, if you've already found the lowest price, CNET Shopping confirms that you've found the lowest price, and lets you know where else you can buy the item. This is helpful in the event the product you are viewing is out of stock or you discover additional shipping charges after adding the item to your cart.

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    Chris Nairne

    Not true. Frequently IH sends me to a page where the price is lower but does not include delivery. Add delivery and the item is more expensive that the original item page.

    Also, a 16gb internal memory tablet will be cheaper than the 32gb version of the same tablet. Every time I have viewed the 32gb tablet I want IH tells me its found the same item cheaper on another site but its the 16gb tablet not the one I want.

    I am tempted to uninstall IH but occasionally it does help.

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    I recently clicked on the link provided by IH but the price IH listed did not match the price listed on that company's site. While I disappointed  I wasn't going to save all of $7.12, I simply filled out the form provided by IH.  

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