How Can CNET Shopping Save Me Money?

Once you've installed the free CNET Shopping browser extension on your desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge), you just shop as you would normally, and CNET Shopping will help you save money through two primary features:

Automatic Price Comparison

When you are viewing a product in your web browser, CNET Shopping automatically searches over 11,000 stores for lower prices and will let you know who has the lowest price on the item you're viewing. It's that easy. You don't have to click anything and you no longer need to open a new tab and go to a price comparison site.

Coupon Notifications

Are you tired of having to search Google every time you're looking for a coupon? CNET Shopping's automatic coupon notifications will alert you to money-saving coupons without having to leave the site you're shopping. All of CNET Shopping's coupons are reviewed which means you'll spend less time typing in expired codes and get the savings you want


Stays Hidden When You're Not Shopping
Unlike toolbars that take up valuable screen space when you're not using them, CNET Shopping is smart enough to know when you're shopping and will only appear when it's found coupons for the store you're viewing or price comparisons on the item you're viewing.

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