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CNET Shopping is one of the most accurate price comparison services in the market, but occasionally it mismatches products. Generally this is caused by one of two issues:

  • Incorrect Retailer Data: CNET Shopping relies on the retailer product descriptions to accurately match items. Occasionally, retailers will list the wrong model number with their item, which causes CNET Shopping to incorrectly match the item. When you report these issues to CNET Shopping, we do our best to contact the merchant to correct the information.
  • Similar Model or Part Numbers: CNET Shopping uses a number of algorithms to identify product matches and to filter bad results, but sometimes our system cannot distinguish between items with the same model numbers (even though they might be completely different items).

While we know that these sorts of mistakes can be an inconvenience, our general view is that we'd rather show you the best prices we find (and occasionally mismatch the items) than adopt a more aggressive filtering and potentially exclude a great price.

If you do encounter a product mismatch, please alert us to the issue by clicking on the “Send us Feedback“ link in the "Price Comparison" table, or contact us link on the website.

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    I was looking at a narrow width shoe.  Invisible hand only sent me to wide or medium widths.  My search for narrow sandals is becoming very hard.  I am about to give up!


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