CNET Shopping Not Working - Firefox Browser

If CNET Shopping isn't appearing as-expected, please follow the attached troubleshooting steps:

First, please visit this page and confirm that CNET Shopping still is not appearing.  If you see the CNET Shopping alert box at the top right of your page, then CNET Shopping is working properly.

If the bar doesn't appear, do you see the CNET Shopping flashlight in the grey space to the right of your address bar?

If not, check to see if CNET Shopping is still active by:

  1. Click on the menu button Screen_Shot_2019-12-04_at_10.08.23_AM.jpg and choose "Add-Ons". The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
  2. In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions panel.
  3. You should see a button next to CNET Shopping (indicating that it is enabled)

Assuming CNET Shopping is still active, but not working, please make sure your Privacy Settings aren't causing a problem.

  1. Click on the menu button Screen_Shot_2019-12-04_at_10.08.23_AM.jpg and choose "Preferences"
  2. Choose "Privacy"
  3. Under History, make sure "Remember History" is selected.
  4. Restart your browser as instructed and see if the toolbar appears on this page

If that doesn't fix the problem, please disable the add-on and then re-enable it. Then, try this page and seeing if the toolbar appears.

Finally, if that doesn't work, it's possible that one of your other extensions is causing the issue.  Please disable your other extensions and re-enable them one-by-one to identify the conflicting add-on.

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    I tried everything on this page it work great for over a year or more now I don't see it  I hope u have some tricks thank you


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