InvisibleHand not working - Safari Browser

If InvisibleHand isn't appearing as-expected, please follow the attached troubleshooting steps:

First, please visit this page and confirm that InvisibleHand still is not appearing.  If you see the yellow bar at the top of your page, then InvisibleHand is working properly.

If the bar doesn't appear, do you see the InvisibleHand icon in the grey space to the left of your address bar?

If not, check to see if InvisibleHand is still active by clicking on the Safari Menu, Choosing Preferences, and Clicking on the Extensions Tab.  

The "Enable InvisibleHand" tab should be checked AND your correct country should be selected.

Verify that you are not in Private mode (if your address bar is dark grey, you are in Private Browsing Mode). InvisibleHand does not work in Private Browsing mode.

Assuming InvisibleHand is still active, but not working, please try the following:
Please disable the add-on and then re-enable it.

Then, visit this page and see if the toolbar appears.

Finally, if that doesn't work, it's possible that one of your other extensions is causing the issue.  Please disable your other extensions and re-enable them one-by-one to identify the conflicting add-on.



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